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    Multitraining SST’s mission is to satisfy its clientele and to meet the specific needs of employers while emphasizing the importance of prevention and health and security of its personnel. Our skilled and experienced team has over 10 years of experience and work in several areas of activity such as commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, municipal, educational and mining. Our course content is professional and updated regularly.


Our Core Values


      It is essential that we maintain close relationships with our customers, partners and trainers. Maintaining open communication promotes mutual understanding and trust and allows us to quickly target the specific needs of all stakeholders and hence deliver superior service.


      Close collaboration between our partners, directors and trainers is essential. Teamwork is an effective way to develop learning, exchange ideas and facilitate personal development. Thus, everyone works together towards customer satisfaction and in turn the success of the company.


      Our services are focused on the client. It is therefore important that the participants in our training sessions be satisfied and emerge enriched with new knowledge. Thus, our trainers are selected by virtue of their technical, interpersonal and human skills as well as their ability to interact with the participants, adapt their teaching to the level of knowledge of the participants and capture their attention.


      Risk prevention and safety of workers are the cornerstone of our training services.  Although our company is accredited, we believe it is not sufficient.  Certification by the manufacturer of a given product is an added value as it guarantees the real skill of the trainer in regards to his theoretical and practical knowledge of the product covered by the training.

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