Fall Protection

This course is intended to workers, with or without experience, who are required to work at height on a portable ladder, a stepladder, an escalator or a scaffold, with a horizontal, vertical or mixed life line, on a roof with a slide, a safety harness or any other safety device.  This session teaches basic safety criteria and the way to safely execute work at height in compliance with the applicable CAN/CSA standards, as well as the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety (ROHS) and articles 49 and 51 of the Act respecting occupational health and safety  (AOHS) administered by the CSST. Multitraining SST Inc. is accredited as a training body by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail for the application of the Act to promote the development and recognition of skills of the labor force (registration number 0058371).


  • Theory – 7h30
  • Practical assessment – Ensure that the participants wear and adjust their harness correctly


  • Workers with or without experience
  • Administrators
  • Members of the health and safety committee


  • Raise awareness of the hazards inherent to work at height
  • Adopt safe work practices
  • Ensure that the workers wear and adjust their harness correctly


  • Theory on PowerPoint presentation
  • Theoretical exam based on understanding


  • What are the advantages to practice prevention
  • Identify the people involved and their respective responsibilities
  • Describe the rules and regulations
  • Recognize situations of working at height
  • Take the necessary measures to work safely
  • Identify the various risks of falls
  • Outline the general criteria for the use of equipment (ladder, stepladder, life line, etc.)
  • Identify the three safety options and choose the appropriate one
  • Appropriate use of the equipment and devices when working at height
  • Differentiate the types of inspection
  • Carry out the verification of fall protection systems
  • Implementation of an emergency plan
  • Proper adjustment of the harness
  • Description of different types of safety harnesses
  • Inspection and use criteria in compliance with applicable CSA standards :

–  Stepladder

–  Ladder

–  Scaffold

–  Lifeline

–  Slide

  • Anchor point :

– Criteria

– Regulatory installation

Following the training session and subject to the successful passing of the exams, participants will receive a certificate of training.