Pedestrian protection

This course is intended for all workers, regardless of the type of business, who are required to work in the presence of machinery and moving equipment such as forklifts, bobcats, loaders, aerial lifts, etc., or in an environment where work at height is executed and where there are risks of fallen tools, merchandise or other goods, as well as workers required to work in confined spaces.  The course complies with CAN/CSA B335-F15 et ASME B56-1-1993 standards, as well as the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety (ROHS) and articles 49 and 51 of the Act respecting occupational health and safety (A0HS) administered by the CSST.  Multitraining SST Inc. is accredited as a training body by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail for the application of the Act to promote the development and recognition of skills of the labor force (registration number 0058371).



  • Theory – approximately 3 to 4 hours


  • Workers with or without experience
  • Administrators
  • Members of the health and safety committee


  • Raise pedestrian awareness of the hazards in their workplace environment
  • Understand the risks and safe work practices


  • Theory on PowerPoint presentation
  • Theoretical exam based on understanding


  • Brief description of the legal scope
  • Review a few statistics in regards to accidents
  • Identify the people concerned and their respective responsibilities
  • Recognize work situations around handling equipment (such as weight)
  • Recognize situations around work at height
  • Take appropriate measures to work safely

Following the training session, each worker who passed the exam will receive a certificate of participation.